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Why Real Human Voice Over is More Tempting than Cinnabon

I couldn't help but share this cool piece of information. I received an email and just like most of you, I don't open them unless and until they're exquisite. Thanks to the heightened standards. But this time it was different. When I read - Synthetic Speech Technology, I clicked through to subside my curiosity.

The email read :

My pals and super marketers Mario Brown and Oliver Goodwin has just revealed their brand new technology called Synthesys. It is the first of its kind text-to-speech software that uses a never seen before Synthetic Speech Technology and the results are simply amazing! With Synthesys, you can just take a script... any script or even your blog post and turn it into real human voice over in just 3 clicks!
And by voiceover, I don't mean those creepy robotic voice overs that you create with Google Wavenet or Amazon Polly that would most likely drive your customers away...This is 100% natural sounding voice over using real human voice.

Interesting right? If the marketing is done so well, who wouldn't want to try their stuff? and this comes from experience. When I was in school, I had to get a voice over done for an advertising campaign. Not knowing where to find the resources, I took resort to robotic voices.

It wasn't until the video was played in class that I realised it sucked big time. I had to do many more revisions and finally ended up with a professionally sounding voiceover from Fiverr. Thanks to these marketplaces for having genuine helpers. Although I'm not a big fan of these but work was important. Plus, I was a client which made my job easier. No, I wasn't the bossy ones. I gave it a green signal in the first go.

When people come with ideas so sensational, I secretly feel happy. The recent one in the market that is similar to this is the AI voice by Lovo Inc.

As we know, humans are full of emotion. Probably you were crying your heart out and then opened your laptop for some entertainment but all you see is information on human voice over. It's fine, life happens.

Speaking of emotions, the robotic voice overs lack the basic instincts of being human. Whether it's a life-death situation or a rock party, the tone is the same. I've observed an interesting pattern in life. Whenever the world lacks something, miraculously smart people barge in to save it.

As I'm typing this, Theodore Twombly the man who bought an AI machine to help him write but in turn fell in love with it. Remember the movie? Yes, it's 'Her'. These voices could make us question reality.

Another interesting element? Want to know how loving SIRI is? Take a look.

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Can we imagine a life without AI? Probably not. Here's some juicy real world news if you'd be interested - Latest Text Generator

Also, did you know that Social media's AI/algorithms whatever the technical term plays a major role in your success? Facebook's Deep text system reads user's interests and shows them relevant ads. This is what professionals call 'Psychographic profiling'. There's more to it than we know.

There are endless possibilities for the AI to demolish and at the same time build humanity. It depends on how we make use of it. From phones to bikes, everything is falling under the AI radar. As much as we are happy to be in a technologically developed phase of life, we must make sure that these do not backfire. Not now, not ever. Happy surfing!

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