• Divya Shakthi

The X’d Out Love

When the world numbingly revolves around competition, we have to be a part of the rat race. You are that someone so astonishingly competitive and effortlessly helpful. You would go to any extent to make people feel comfortable. You’re the 3 am friend who would make them laugh in a jiffy. Sad moments are never around when with you. When everything is a smooth ride, something feels so trivial yet screams for attention in your life.

When life gives you lemons, stand outside, look to the sky and say, “I asked for melons!”

But how could a person so talented not achieve their dream?

Life has its ways of teaching lessons. When you want something, it gives you something else. After all the homework and relentless attending of interviews, you receive an email saying — We’re sorry, there was a confusion in the interview process, we hope to see you in the future.

Bam! You just lost everything you had hoped for. Your aspirations are going down, you don’t feel like leaving your room let alone talking to friends and family. You regain resistance and start the process all over again.

Meanwhile, what’s worse than too many options?

You set up things and look with bright eyes toward the future, and there bam again! Too many cooks spoil the broth. Companies keep spamming you with calls and offer letters but the one place you want to work is out of reach. So, you settle for the next best thing.

A Day in the life of a proactive person

Excitement beams on your face as you enter the office on the first day. Expecting familiar faces is far from reality. You talk to a few people and settle down. The work culture is enormously generous. Feel like smoking up? Go for it! Oh, the CEO is right there. Uh ah, not to worry, he’s as cool as a cucumber.

When the excitement reaches its peak, your manager calls to introduce you to the team, and then a minute later, you get your work to be done list. By work, I mean loads of them. You try to stay and finish your stuff, ( you’re the person who never gives in or gives up easily, remember?) It’s 3am and the thought of going home strikes your mind. You take a cab, go home and the next thing you know, you pass out.

The next morning, you’re back to square one. This time even on the weekends. Your mother keeps asking you to eat, you procrastinate. Your friends call you up, you don’t answer. Your loved one pings you, no response whatsoever. Eventually, people started making their plans which didn’t involve you. You received lesser calls and texts from the people who mattered to you. You started to wonder why? How could they do this to me? Well, you’re right. They probably should’ve done that long back. They spoke but you never heard them. They were there for you but you never bothered to look around. You aimlessly scroll through slack to keep up with the conversations.

When is much too much

You haven’t slept for the past 2 days. Literally, 2 whole days because you had to complete the task. The icing on the cake? Take the blame for nothing of your fault. You say it’s okay but your loved ones still care. You ask, what can I do? my life is this way. You slowly make your way through ripping their hearts in pieces but they never say a word. You keep collecting stones with diamonds in your pocket.

When closure is the only answer

Rapid life changes, active progress, fast-paced job, shallow lifestyle, and a neverending list of dreams. You have everything except for what your heart truly desired LOVE, HARMONY & RELATIONSHIPS.

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