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The Universal Law: Surefire Signs It’s Meant to Be

As a 5-year-old kid, I told my mother I wanted to become an artist. Her reply keeps me amused till date.

“If it’s meant to be, you’ll find a way”

Universe has its ways of communicating with us. Sometimes subtle, sometimes with a downright blow. When we stop listening or paying attention to these, we massively get into trouble.

“Meant to be” is not a term to be used interchangeably with “procrastination”. If you want to be something, you strive for it and the universe plays a vital role in your success by giving you a sneak peek into the future in bits and pieces.

A lot of us might have been through it. When you are thinking of something, the same topic is trending on twitter, there are subreddits, a friend calls and talks about it. Initially, you don’t seem to realise but it slowly grows on you.

A series of events in my life changed the way I looked at myself and the world. I have received signs throughout and one such was the time I joined Medium to be one amongst the writer community and follow my passion.

Colors and patterns intrigued me and I gave in to the habit of believing my mind rather the heart. I took up art direction as my career. Although things were great, I felt empty. I have been writing since childhood and it’s been loved by many. So, when did I realise the pattern?

Universe did its job of sending me signals while I was busy worrying that my life is on the wrong track. I would land on a page with the things I love to read and write about. I’d receive straight A’s in a country where the native language was English. Out of nowhere, I’d receive emails about writing contests and when I helped my friends with their emails or work blogs, they’d be amazed.

Never ever did it occur to me that writing was meant to be. Somewhere along the lines, I’ve missed what could have been a turning point. If you find yourself in the same boat, read on to know how to notice the signs and improve.

Be Open to Choices

The moment you let go of the need to do everything you think of, you’d be giving the universe plenty of chances to contact you. When I wanted to work in an advertising agency, I focused on what I wanted than what the world had to offer me.

This does not mean you settle for anything less and take what is offered to you. You need to find a mid-ground. Follow your passion but pay close attention to the choices.

Inculcate Positivity

Vibrations are far more effective than we think. You get what you give. Be positive and you’ll have plenty in return. The universe works in weird ways. When you emit optimism, you tend to overcome all the hardships. This happens in a span of days or weeks and leaves you speechless.

Cultivate the habit of letting go. The more you cling on to sorrows, the deeper you dive into the black hole. One way to let off the steam is to write. Write on a computer or a notebook, breathe in and say

I let it go, I forgive and I am ready to move on

These might look like simple tasks but the energy they bring in is huge.

Attitude of Gratitude

Wake up each day and thank the universe for everything in your life so far. This has brought a drastic change in my life. I’ve started to send thanks before eating meals.

These gestures have nothing to do with religion. We are simple beings thankful for the abundance in our lives.

Work Hard but Don’t Wait for Results

Highly effective people do not wait long to hear back because they know their worth. Work hard, play by rules but don’t wait long enough until it’s too late.

If your hard work is not recognised, move on. Once you achieve success, you can go back to what you love. The world is a competitive space. The faster you move, the better you gain. Once you get in the loop, the universe works in the same way.

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”
Rachel Carson

We’re stardust trying to find meaning to life. Do what makes you happy, be compassionate, listen to your heart and most importantly, read the signs from within because sometimes,

“ You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while” ~ Anonymous

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