• Divya Shakthi

The Dummies' Guide to Conscious Consumption

Recently, I stopped buying anything that no longer served my purpose. I've been a collector of unique products not to mention antiques. We earn in the hopes of living a luxurious lifestyle but, have we ever stopped to ask why?

I came across this term 'Conscious Consumption' and was left baffled.

Conscious Consuming is a social movement based around increased awareness of the impact of purchasing decisions on the environment and the consumers' health and life in general. It is also concerned with the effects of media and advertising on consumers ~ Swap-o-matic

The conscious consuming phase is a way of looking in-depth into the societal implications caused by your buying decisions. It's interesting as people also call it - 'Voting with your wallet'.

Which means acknowledging and accepting the political power tied to the decision.

If you're wondering what these could mean? Some of the modern day conscious consumer behaviours include:

  • Shifting to organic produce

  • Not shopping from shops with political affiliations

  • Buying local

  • Opting for second hand clothing

and so forth. If we paused to think about the after effects this could bring upon the future generations, we probably wouldn't be so reckless. If you gave it a thought and you changed your mind for the good, here are some ways you could implement conscious consumption in your life.

The B Corp Certification

The non-profit group created a way to "consider the impact of decisions on workers, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment". These tags allow users to make informed decisions.

Research Brands

Always buy from companies that align with your goals, objectives, beliefs and thought process. This way you don't have to be too hard on yourself while shopping.

Ofcourse, Reduce Footprint

Carbon footprint is a term in use since ages. Try to minimize flying and driving. Take long walks instead or cycle. Also, reduce consumption of plastic bags.

Buy stuff only when necessary. Sometimes minimalism is a better way of life. Stop piling up and start being a conscious consumer, for every move of yours will make a difference.

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