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Tabata Workout : Exercise at ease from home!

Hi there! So, we've entered 2020. Phew, huge task. All right, what have we got there? Fitness RESOLUTIONS? pst.. No kidding. Let's support each other. TABATAAAAAA!!

What is it?

Tabata is a HIIT workout. High intensity interval training is a workout type that has fast reflex exercises with little to no intervals or recovery periods in between. Starting with warm ups, the training lasts from 4 mins to 20 minutes.

How is it useful?

Tabata is one such workout regime where you have the cake and eat it too. Some of the major benefits are:

1. Burn fat like hell

2. Increase endurance

3. Strengthen muscle tissues

4. Brain Power

5. Do it anywhere, anytime

Who can do it?

Anyone who wants to make use of this fitness regime can. However, since this is an high intensity workout, anybody with Blood pressure, pregnancy, or other illnesses should consult the physician before starting out.

Also, keep the age in mind. The recovery period is very less and the stamina should be equally high to keep up with it.

Merits and Demerits

Let's start with the demerits so we can be safe. Some of the disadvantages are:

1. Increased risk of injury

As mentioned earlier, Tabata is a high intensity workout and is not suitable for people with heart diseases, strokes, pulmonary conditions and the rest. It has huge pressure on the muscles and joints. If you do not warm up or do it incorrectly, it could lead to a bad experience.

2. More time to recover

Although the exercise itself is for 4 minutes in batches, the recovery period is longer since the individual puts in lot of pressure on the body.

3. Beginners must be careful

Tabata was introduced keeping in mind the olympic champs. When a beginner does it, chances are it might backfire. Although it cannot be completely disregarded, tabata can be done in the right surrounding with the right kind of guidance.

The merits are more than what one can think of. This is no ordinary workout. Tabata burns 13 calories per minute. So, imagine a 4 minute workout in batches over a period of 30 mins?

Mind numbing isn't it?

Where to find TABATA?

This is a beautiful video by Alida Tampubolon on tabata workout. It lasts 4 minutes. You can repeat it how many ever times needed.

There are so many videos and links out there but please choose them carefully. Only push yourself until you can.

Music during workout

Who does not love to listen to music? especially when you're working out. Help yourselves with the links below.




As much as working out is necessary, it is mandatory to be careful. HIIT might be rewarding but be extremely cautious when choosing to do tabata. The exercise regime needs a lot of endurance, strength and the right mindset. Don't believe us? Go ahead and try it. Happy tabata- ing !!

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