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Signs You Trade Emotions for Impulse

Don’t let Quarantine take away what you love

The clock struck 12.00, Anniversary in a few days but the windy night turned into turmoil. After a brief calm, came the storm. The wife wanted a divorce.

The pandemic has not left any phase of life untouched. With the rigidity of quarantine, divorce cases are spiking. Why would you do that to a loved one? because sometimes the right things always seem wrong.

Mental health has lashed the infinite possibilities of happiness. Depression takes over the major part of life. The suffocation accompanied by insecurities of a null future is draining every soul.

When you’re a writer you pour your heart out, sometimes to the extent of being judged. Why? because not everyone is empathetic. Emotion, a word that’s overused but belittled is a pure form of communication.

Stories that make us cry stay with us longer. We delve into details when there are emotions involved. Love is an emotion that’s universal yet underprotected. Emotionally vulnerable is an attribute of strength. You have the courage to showcase your true self. Humans show emotions every day, but are you trading emotions for impulse? We all might be at some point.

Denial Becomes a Form of Resistance

You slowly grow into a beautiful tree that never bears fruit. Denial becomes a weapon of attack. You feel safe when you refuse to acknowledge other possibilities of the question.

You quieten the gushing emotions by doing activities you’ve never done before. Your chest weighs heavier than usual and keeps increasing with time yet you are completely fine with it.

Being Right Turns into a Priority

To live with someone who’s always on the lookout for opportunities to prove themselves right is devastating. Half the arguments turn into a fight when you fail to see the bigger picture.

Sometimes you are right and others do not understand. Subconsciously, your heart records the values and repeats it in patterns which then turns into habits.

Deaf Ears to Advice

When the fault is on both ends, you quit trying to comprehend. When someone intervenes you do not have the time to listen to their viewpoint.

Not for once you stop to think about the repercussions. Hot-headed and living in the moment, you make decisions like tomorrow’s the end of the world. You’re on fire and nobody can stop you from what you’re ought to do.

No Second Chances

Second chances are a way of life for many. They’re a source of strength, a rebound, a connection and long-lost love. Your mind is tired with the constant rantings of everyday life and no matter how hard you try, you do not succeed in realising the hidden meaning of your emotions.

You do not believe in second chances and definitely wouldn’t give one. Life is a paved path for you. A little distraction would harness a downfall. You’re so unwillingly determinant about the changes that should occur.

Craving for Superpowers

You switch on the Hulk mode when there’s a tiff. Bottles fly, books are torn, pillows in mid-air. You have the urge to control the world with your powers sometimes to the extent of exercising one.

When you strive to change things around you, those bring a change in you. The restlessness hits a peak when you cannot see something unwinding in front of your eyes.

If these sound like you, it’s time to pause and reflect. One word can create havoc in relationships. One simple act could cost a person for a lifetime.

For the wife it took a few moments of anger and weakness to blurt it out. It could have costed a loving relationship followed by pain and remorse. In difficult times like this, it’s important to create a safe- space for mental health. Check-in on each other regularly, practice meditation, spend time with nature and if need be, speak about the problems than making irrational decisions. Every soul is suffering but to let it break or make us, is in our hands.

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