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Dreading over public speaking? Don't you worry!

Pitch perfect paved way for creativity and accurate presentation skills. Having read the

introduction and the first three chapters, I was intrigued as I turned each page. Presentation is not a cake walk, it takes the right amount of knowledge and courage to be able to persuade people into liking YOU - The speaker, your work and the idea that your’e trying to convince them about. The three ideas that I found interesting and relatable:

1. Keep it simple

One does not have to use complicated words to prove to be knowledgeable. Knowledge comes from knowing oneself, the idea and the audience. Jargons do not only make the audience feel out

of place but also lose interest in the presentation since it’s no more engaging.

Presentation does not mean powerpoint slides, it has to be simple yet creative and hit the right point to convince the audience. Being able to convey an idea in simple yet the most effective way is called smartness.

I do believe in hard work but I believe more in doing things the right and smart way for effective output. I’m also a person who admires simplicity so that point was totally relatable.

I’m writing so many words here to explain the thing that I’m supposed to follow. That’s right -


2. It’s not all about what you present but also HOW you present it

‘ You have failed if people say “ what a great presentation!” ‘ That is a new thought to me and as I think about it, it totally makes sense. Engaging the audience in the idea is more important than impressing them to like the presentation. At the end of the day, people need to know the BIG idea and not the way it was given out. One does not achieve this overnight, it is an art that comes to perfectionism through practice and empathy.

3. Not connecting with the audience

Not being able to emotionally connect with the audience is the first driving factor towards failure. Presenters lose the moment they fail to acknowledge the importance of the audience. This point was the most important to me of the whole lot. Keeping the attention of the audience is important but making them think and not just listen to the presentation is the most important.

Being able to recognize/see the person in the front and

knowing that they are talking about a past event is thrilling. Audience connect with them because they’ve gone through the same and faced similar situations. The surprising element of the speech is - as the speaker talks about their experience, the audience starts to paint their own picture.

Although it’s basic to know these and keep in mind while presenting, these key points hit me hard and I will definitely make sure I follow them. No matter how many thoughts are put into our heads, I always believe that perfectionism comes with practice.

If the thought of public speaking is nerve wracking for you, I greatly recommend this book. Trust me on it, I have been there too and I quite easily overcame it. Follow the link to the book!


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