• Divya Shakthi

Mystique Melbourne: Where?What?When?

On a blurry day, I sat on the couch contemplating life. Life as we know, is full of surprises. The television was on and something had caught my attention that made me ecstatic! I sprung out and yelled, Flower festivalllllll.... and my sister looked at me astonished. It was Tesselar kabloom festival of flowers on Monbulk road, Silvan, Melbourne. For a person who’s spontaneous and loves random plans, it was an incident of mere joy. For all you know, the tenth minute, I was ready to experience the bliss.

Oh yes, I clicked this pic!

Melbourne, the coastal capital of Victoria, is a sensational experience for travellers. The botanical gardens, Yarra river and the federation square are the most visited tourist spots, while the Eureka sky deck leaves an everlasting impact. Imagine being on the 88th floor while the whole city is beneath your feet, awe-inspiring isn't it? There’s a lot to say about Melbourne but, one can truly understand and feel the warmth of it, only when this merry city is visited!

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