• Divya Shakthi

Life in 3 questions? 5 proven ways to evade blues.

Contemplating life? High five! We’ve all been there, and myself... more of it. Life is complicated, yes. Life’s uncertain, yes. Life’s ridiculous, oh yes. Have we ever stopped to think what if? Someone once said life’s simple and I was bleh. Well, she was right. When you’re in hardship, ask yourself this.

1. what?

2. So, what?

3. What next?

It’s time to trust your instincts. Unemployed? We have all the time in the world. Sick? You’ll feel better soon. Depressed? The world is your confidante. Do all that you can, when you can. Dance, sing, laugh, get drunk and hit your friend’s boyfriend because you’re possessive 😁 travel the world, meet lots of people. Bucket lists don’t always have to be the end. Want to know what can lighten up your mood when you're feeling blue? Read on!

Oh, you got that right.

1. Doggo's, cats, rabbits, umm..pets!

If you have a pet, great. You don't? not to worry, we always have our neighbours. In mild or severe cases, immediately run to these saviours. They're tiny but they can do wonders to lift up your mood and put you on top of the world.

2. Lose the Phone

Uh uh, I don't mean lose your phone but put it aside. The most comfort comes from opening yourself up to someone in person. Dry out your tears if you have to, hug them tight and lay on their shoulder. Once it's over, never cry for the same reason again because come on, nothing is worth it.

3. Find your Confidante

Not everybody out there are your friends. Not all friends are dependable. Trust your gut feeling. You ask me, who's that one person you can blindly run to? MOTHERS! They might be annoying the bricks out of you but they're selfless. Make time to discuss your life with them, you might thank me later!

4. Escape Route

I know what you're thinking, NO, don't run away from home or your problems but find the break you deserve. Pack your bags and go somewhere nice. Anywhere that makes you feel blissful.

5. Change

Don't try to change yourself or the world cause you know, it doesn't work. Go shopping, get a haircut, Walk your neighbour's dog, meet your long lost friend, call your distant cousin. In a nutshell, do something you've never done before and that you've always wanted to.


Hi there, hope that brought a smile. Cheers!

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