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It was all Candies and Scented Candles!

I have a confession to make. The tough days have turned me into an addict. The battle between choosing finally ended. Now, I'm addicted to scented candles. Who knew this little piece of magic can make your life 10x better? And all you need is a matchstick.

Candles always hold a special place in my heart. In a way, we've got characteristics that match.

It's used for celebrations and mourning alike. Heavy quality for a light weighted item, Isn't it?

If you've ever had enough for the day, or something's bothering you so much that you could use a whole plate of brownie, do one thing.

Help yourself to the shelf, throw in some warm clothing, bring out the precious thing and light it. Just do it, trust me. Scented candles have calming benefits to the mind and body. When you look at the light, it sends signals to your brain and eventually your body relaxes.

A week earlier, my room had lots of light, a lingering aroma, a hell lot of candies and merlot. I couldn't have asked for more.

Not in the mood for a candlelight dinner? No problem. You could use the same scented candle for so many different purposes.

  1. Use it in the Toilet and Monica Geller would be jealous.

  2. Light it in the guest room/lounge when they arrive and you're never to face their wrath again.

  3. Light it for a while before you sleep. This way, you get a good sleep and a nice smelling room.

  4. Gift it to anybody and everybody

I've never done meditation/Reiki without the candles. They make my life so much easier to hang on to. What are your experiences with Scented candles? I'd love to hear about them!

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