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Insane (but true) Things About Freelancing

Hello freelancers and to-be freelancers! Freelancing is a broad term but an advantageous one. You set your own timings, choose your workspace and probably sip on wine as you write. The image seems vivid in our minds but, let's cut to the chase.

Freelance jobs are a blessing in disguise only if you know where to find them. I've been freelancing for a while and my perseverance is gaining momentum. If you're tired of your 9-5 job or you've decided to come up with something interesting in life, being your own boss is the key.

I stumbled upon a few resources that I'd like to share. Remember, we're in this together. First things first, take a look at these steps that aid in landing gigs.

Never stop Networking

You never know who might be your next potential client. Beware of your digital footprint. Keep making connections, learn and grow.

Keep Searching

We've heard this enough but the simplest way to start is by updating your linkedin profile. Get into the habit of cold-emailing people. Search on Job boards like Problogger, Flexjobs, upwork and the lot.

Seek Comfort in Friends

There's nobody like friends who help you spread the word. Ask them to share your pieces and take their opinions (Although not always).

The list keeps growing each day. These are some of the basics to keep in mind while starting out. However, what's freelancing without the appropriate tools? If you already know them, great! If not, note-down the apps that might make your life easier.

  1. Google Docs & G-Suite

G-suite is like $5 per month but an essential tool for a professional looking email address. Docs is a must if you're a writer.

2. Trello

A project management tool that makes it easier to work with clients.

3. PayPal

A genuine payment method for domestic and international transactions alike.

4. FocusMate

An online community of like minded people to beat procrastination.

5. Free Email Tracker

This is a chrome extension that lets you track opened and unopened emails.

6. Canva

A platform to create stunning visuals for any kind of projects.

7. Freshbooks

A platform to make the life of freelancers easy. From invoice to tracking payments and anything in accounting, you can rely on it.

There are thousands of tools available for freelancers. Schedule your day and start making use of them. Once you know what you need, life becomes easier. Best of luck to you!

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