• Divya Shakthi

I Was Living in Lazytown Until One Day..

As I type this, I feel a pinch of guilt for wasting so much time without writing a blog post. I've realized the importance of being mindful, and here I am.

Not that my blog posts change the world, but it does change the world inside me. I read somewhere that - Being Lazy is a sign of high intelligence. Well, maybe it's true. So, back to my story.

There were times when I hit the gym every day, woke up early in the mornings, ate healthily and felt refreshing. But you know how laziness takes over like a snake gobbling up its prey, slow and steady. When I looked back, I was a couch potato.

I turn twenty-eight in a week, and that's when it hit me right in the medulla oblongata. My mother gifted me a cycle, and probably that was a life-changing contribution.

It's been a decade I rode a bike (because I've always been driving, remember I'm lazy?). Technically, a form of procrastination. The first few metres felt heavenly. After the first ride, my body felt flexible. Sweat trickled down my face, and I was glowing. What a miracle portion!

Slowly, my body pushed me out of the house every evening with the bike key in hand. I started enjoying workouts again. Now, I don't stop at anything (Recently, I watched Wonder Woman, and it added on to the motivation).

Exercise and mental health has been the most important to me, and it's important for all. So, How do we get back on track before it's too late? Here's how.

  1. Wake up in a peaceful environment because it sets the mood for the entire day.

  2. Practice meditation the moment you wake up. It saves your energy from conflicting with outside energies.

  3. Eat what you like but be mindful of consuming too much of anything.

  4. Have plenty of plants around the house and water them every day. Doing this gives you peace of mind.

  5. Make a routine for exercise. Even if it's not every day, stick to a timeframe. This will prepare your mind and body beforehand.

  6. Lastly, before you hit the bed, take a warm shower and do something you love.

These simple habits changed my life completely. Now, I have more time for productivity and passion. In the end, life is all about balance.

Oh Btw, here's a picture of my brand new bike. I hope it gives you some motivation like it did for me.

Is there something else I missed to mention? Let me know in the comments!

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