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Here's Why Hypnotherapy Massage will Become a Trend in 2020

Covid-19, the deadly virus did to us what the government couldn't do - Keep us inside our homes. There isn't one soul that has failed to portray agitation during the pandemic. We spend our time in different ways but how long can you keep doing what you're doing?

2020 has put us in a shell and has left us in a painful discomfort, all of us. What do you do to take your mind away from all the free-flowing negativity? While I've seen some take to meditation, reiki, dance and art to distract themselves, a lot of them have succumbed to boredom and depression.

A form of relaxation would be to encounter Hypnotherapy Massage. You might wonder that they're a weird combination but the outcome and experience is baffling. The therapeutic suggestion and body work aids in the exploration and the release of anxieties, traumas, underlying pain and other health effects from the body.

How does it Help?

Humans have the tendency to lock tension in the muscles that turn into a cause for concern in the later stages. Physical touch subsides aggression and speeds up healing. A few have started using guided imagery approach in the massage session to showcase improved results. iNLP Center has specialised courses in hypnotherapy and they're mind blowing. Check them out here - https://inlpcenter.org/hypnotherapy-training-learn-hypnosis/

Major Motive

The massage alongside hypnotherapy is proven to be working at the psychological and physical levels. Physical discomfort causes psychological issues. If you have knee pain, your confidence decreases because you have to ask for support to walk. If you have a sore back, you may feel less productive. The major motive of hypnotherapy massage is to relieve pain and promote peace.

To all those who are still unclear on what hypnosis is, it's

" An altered state of awareness characterized by deep relaxation, susceptibility to suggestions, and changes in perception, memory, motivation, and self-control"

What Makes it Interesting?

While we might assume that hypnotherapy is just another massage with a broader emphasis on the mind, we're wrong. Hypnotherapy massage is an ecstatic experience where the trainers use suggestions and metaphors rather the techniques. Bonus : You don't have to answer any of the questions but you can walk away feeling 10x positive with no physical ailments.

After the Pandemic, there are high chances the hypnotherapy massage parlors will earn a bomb. As much as physical comfort is important, mental well-being is equally crucial. What next? Take the chance and immerse in the experience!

You're welcome to share experiences if you've had any.

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