• Divya Shakthi

7 Unexpected Ways Idle Mind Can Make Your Life Better

The power of nothingness

You wake up in the evening, lazily walk toward the couch and a long pause later, stare at the ceiling. There could not be a single person on this planet that didn’t go through the phase of idleness or “resting state”. If you’ve been suffocated with the constant connection, networking and the monotonous lifestyle, the only thing you’d want is to shut yourself from the world. This is good news. You are one amongst the healthy minds.

Human brains are naturally made for laziness yet so many feel guilty about taking a break. Timelessly it’s been a belief that boredom and spacing out boost creativity and productivity. The great physicist Isaac Newton made sure he sat idle in his garden a few hours a day and guess what we have? Gravity.

An array of experiments reveal the benefits of doing nothing. We’ve heard enough about Idle mind being a devil’s workshop but on the contrary, many of the eminent people accomplished greatness while being idle.

In ancient ages, it was considered a sin to be day dreaming. Psychologically, we tend to let our minds wander toward the unwanted in life — guilt, depressive episodes, fear and more. In a study, 80 percent of the people confessed to being pressured into being productive.

Deep self reflection accompanies idle minds. Once you get the hang of it, it’s hard to come out of that mental state. If we wonder how sages are so powerful, it’s because they practice nothingness, sometimes for years.


The calming activity is recommended for a blissful life. This is when you have darkness in front of you and see the light from within. The health benefits leading to a happy life is massive. One of the many ways idle mind keeps your body working properly is through the energy you gain from the universe through meditation.

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.” Lao Tzu

Increase in Dedication

When you let your mind rest in peace, it regains the lost energy, replenishes and is as new as when you started out. Thousands of transmitters work their way to store and remember a tiny detail that you fed your brain. Imagine doing it over and over again? It’s believed that the brain does not stop even during sleeping hours. It sends signals to prepare the body for the next day.

Idleness makes way for improved focus and dedication. When you’re working in front of a computer, make sure to take a break away from the screen every few minutes. Refresh and start over again.

Evades Laziness

Being Idle is not termed as being lazy. Business leaders and psychologists have shifted the ways of seeing laziness. Bill Gates has always said that he’d choose a lazy person because he knows an easy way to do it. It’s becoming a trend throughout the globe to make time to stay idle.

Better Time management

When you learn the knack of finding time to stay put and look deep within, your energy is regaining its consciousness. You will learn the art of time management that the corporate world failed to teach you.

Look at kids for instance, they know what they want to do and complete the tasks by order without failing to do anything. They take breaks when necessary, they look at clouds and ask questions. This is the type of behaviour we need to adapt to make a better life out of what we have.

Time away from the chaos

Your phone rings, Twitter notifies, Facebook quizzes and Instagram is shouting for you to take a look. There are millions of things happening in the world everyday and the content generation is humongous. Some make us cry, a few make us joyful and the rest aggravates our negative energy.

When you take a few minutes off the roaring chaos, you will realise the happiness it brings. As much as staying in touch is important, mental health is a priority.

No Gossip

This is the best part. The more time you take away from technology, the more you feel safe. You will not be the center of attention at any circumstance and you will not get the stage to provoke someone too. It’s a balance of good and bad.

Day Dreaming

When you enter the zone of quiet, your subconscious knows what’s best for you. It portrays itself as day dreams. You might imagine becoming a multi millionaire in the next few years. Well, it’s highly likely you will.

Your mind grasps your thoughts and puts them into categories in the subconscious folder. This resurfaces time and again to remind you of what’s worth doing in life. You start playing by rules and voila, you’re a successful person now.

Always trust your gut feelings. If you feel you need rest, that means your body and mind needs plenty of it. Schedule your day and make time to stay idle. Throw in some white space in your planner to fill with dreams. Put away all distractions, recline and stay blessed for we live only once.


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