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3 Ways Mental Fatigue Can Make You Invincible

Tackling your mind is not as hard as it seems

There comes a time in our lives when we start with haste and are progressing but one day everything comes to a halt. I started to write about a month ago and to write every day was my motive. I created spreadsheets, noted minute details, tracked progress, and passion then abruptly stopped. Why? because I was tired but wasn’t giving up.

I wasn’t new to writing but I was a rookie in tackling mental fatigue. Slowly my progression hindered. Quarantine got the best of me. I was infuriated about the current happenings. I stopped watching the news. I stopped penning my thoughts. I stopped sharing my views. I stopped everything at once.

I’d try hard to start a topic and take the lead but every time it felt worthless. There were numerous stories on the web. I was tired of reading them all.

“Content is king,” yes, but I wanted a republic. Social media trickled down my blood, washing away all empathy that was left. All too quickly, the world resembled purgatory where humanity was long gone. I’ve always believed words can change people but now, I doubt it. Handling these thoughts was overwhelming but I’ve not lost hope.

The moment I stopped writing, the void kept growing.Amidst this chaos, my health went down.Physically weak and emotionally wrecked, I was battling mental fatigue.


“Mental exhaustion is usually the result of long-term stress. When you’re continually dealing with things that activate your body’s stress response, your cortisol levels remain high. Eventually, this begins to interfere with normal body functions, such as digestion, sleep, and your immune system” (healthline.com)

A lot of times there’s a thin line between depression and mental fatigue. According to medical experts, the prolonged cognitive activity leads to exhaustion. Some believe stress to be a trigger but most of the time, it’s overdoing something that makes your brain go dead for a while.


In this era, we cannot be certain about an underlying health issue with a few symptoms. Mental fatigue is believed to be a reason for depression, chronic illness, insomnia, and the lot.


When you stop doing things you love, you know something is wrong. Mental fatigue can take many forms and there is no guide to prevent or protect it. I started experiencing irritability, loss of interest, mental block, loss of appetite to name a few. The white space no longer made me feel ecstatic and that’s when I realized that I’ve become a victim of mental fatigue.

Not one individual has managed to escape the traumatising quarantine situation. The other day, my friend called me up in the morning and sounded a bit annoyed.

“I am constantly working and I am brain-drained.”

Those were his words with sleepiness in his voice. Not wanting to worsen the situation, I tried cheering him up. That conversation hit me hard. Why does it keep worsening? Why’s everyone feeling blue?

I pondered over the thought for days trying to figure out the pros and cons, the reasons, and the emptiness. Mind away from all the negative news, I saw the truth in a different light. The actuality — Mental Fatigue is a path to becoming invincible.

I would not advise on fighting or preventing it. Life does not work that way. Hurdles make us stronger. Experiences are our best teachers. After a series of ups and downs, I regained clarity. This time nothing could break me, not even fatigue. The perks of being mentally fatigued and overcoming? Read on, my friend.

You Get Extra Time

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” — Leo Tolstoy

The humanist, Leo Tolstoy, has quoted the same twice to implement the importance but how many of us know it? I’ve seen multiple failures due to lack of time management and even worse, quitters. Time decided if I wanted to achieve, fail, or quit. The smart thing to do?

“Take a break before you breakdown” — Anonymous

I took a solid break of a week or two away from the clutter. This act made me value time and use it wisely. The “Me” time opened doors for self-reflection and change. I realized a lot of things I didn’t earlier because we’re too busy to pause. It gave me the timeframe to cultivate good habits. I went to sleep early and became an early riser. Meditation became a routine. I admired nature more. I went out for a walk after 3 months (Quarantine period). This gave me happiness like no other. Take the chance and use the extra time to do things you’ve never done. Mind away from reality, you get the chance to live your fairytale.

You Get to Say No

“If you want more time, freedom, and energy, start saying no” — Anonymous

Saying no needs courage. I learned to say it a few years ago and my life has been 10x smoother. When your mind is wearing out, you have all the right to say no. This time people don’t get angry but become empathetic. Use this phase to learn the art of refusal.

You Become a Better Human

Thousands of minutes pass by to render the power of humanity. When you seclude yourself from the world, you start looking into yourself. You see the downfalls, the mistakes, regrets, and things that could’ve been done differently. It happened with me. I created a mental column of pros and cons in my attitude and behavior. It was a shocking revelation. I possessed so-called lousy habits. I took upon the mission to reflect and become a better human. You cannot sit by the lawn today and expect miracles tomorrow. Results take time but they’re worth it. Keep hanging in and practicing, success will find its way.

You’re This Close to Becoming Invincible

Perfectionism does not exist in the real world. When you strive to be perfect, you lose your mind over and over again. The gap taught me life-lessons that any prior experience failed to. Mindfulness is the key to a future-forever. Mental fatigue is nothing to hide or worry about. It’s a sign that you need rest to recover. The continuous taxation of our minds alongside horrid news every day has pushed all of us over the boundary. Take the needed break before you breakdown.

You steer your life and don’t let anyone/anything else to take the light away from you. You’re this close to becoming invincible, keep going, pal!

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